Vancouver Symphony Orchestra


by Ross Pink

In this age of technical hype and publicity-driven talent s, Nana Mouskouri shines forth like a beacon. Cool, sophisticated and with that supreme voice, accentuated by a hint of sexiness, she enchanted sold-out audiences at the Orpheum Theatre November 14th and 15th.

It is no wonder that Mouskouri is the most prolific singer in the world. She has sold more than 220 million albums, a staggering number, more than Streisand and Celine Dion combined.

Mouskouri has a social dimension beyond music, as if her musical superstardom were not enough. She is a Greek deputy in the European Parliament and also does much needed charity work for UNICEF, often visiting the most tragic places in the world where children in need are found.

But as a world citizen, she will always be best loved and known as an ambassador of love. Her own marraiage collapse several years ago left her heart-broken and the rift from that experience has given her soul-mate status with millions who long for the emotions and purity of true love. In this she has found a true home. No one sings with more sincerity and purity about love and the effect is to deeply move audiences.

The standout song of the evening was AMAZING GRACE , sung with all the power and grace the song demands. ONLY LOVE, a classic from her 1993 album, was a crowd pleaser as was LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Mouskouri was accompanied by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra , led by the very capable Bruce Dunn.The orchestra continues to demonstrate high quality expression.

Mouskouri also brought along her constant stage fixtures, a seven piece ensemble featuring drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano and . saxaphone. Her daughter, beautiful and striking in her own right, served as back-up singer.

The evening was a highlight for the VSO... and Nana Mouskouri, who demonstrates the gift of musical genius.