American Animals

USA 2018. Dir: Bart Layton. 116 mins. Opens June 1

Reviewer Ed Farolan

This film is based on a true story where four students in Kentucky attempt a heist, stealing rare books from the Transylvania University library in 2004. A hybrid of documentary and drama, the film cuts into brief interviews and recollections from the real-life people involved, as the almost unbelievable dramatic scenes ensue.

It´s quite an engaging movie, and unlike most romanticized heist films like "The Thomas Crown Affair" and others where the bad guys get away scot-free, this one doesn´t, because it´s real, it happened and most of the time, in fact, the bad guys always get caught.

The actors were quite good. All the main actors looked almost like the real persons, except Spencer (Barry Keoghan) who looked quite different from the original real-life person. Good film. I recommend it. It opens June 1st in Toronto, and June 19 here in Vancouver.

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