Broadway Across Canada

by Andrew Lloyd Webber

When & Where May 23 to 28, 2023 | Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 630 Hamilton Street

Tickets are available for purchase online at Groups of 10 or more can purchase by calling 1-800-889-8457.

Reviewer Darren Cordeiro

Looking for a first-class, feline feeling? Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece Cats, running over 40 years and one of the longest-running shows in Broadway history, will certainly not disappoint. It is being presented currently at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, downtown Vancouver.

Attending the show on opening night, the lobby was filled with excitement as fans poured into the theatre. The audience ranged from young children thrilled to see humans portraying beloved cats to older generations who knew the timelessness of this production and soundtrack.

The music and soundtrack were at Broadway-level quality with the orchestra and exceptional singers belting out the choruses and verses. Each song had you craving for more and it was synchronized beautifully with the dance and choreography that went into the production. There wasn’t a note that was missed or a step that was out of place. The lyrics and melody carried the story from start to finish, presenting the audience with the plot that was sung in tune to Webber’s vision.

The set was beautifully done, showcasing the dark, dingy alley with many hidden pockets and crevices where the Jellicle cats emerged. Dimly lit, it let the costumes that were brightly illuminated truly shine throughout the theatre. Of course, it goes without saying that the fact that humans were transformed into cats through costumes and make-up was a marvel on its own.

Lastly, not enough praise can be given to the dance and choreography. The movements of the bodies in feline fashion and the synchronized timing of every beat and footstep truly kept the audience’s eyes glued to the stage. It was apparent from the first act that the audience was in the presence of trained professionals, and they certainly did not disappoint.

Cats is a global phenomenon that is still being presented live after 40 years across the world with its various themes still ringing true today, including disenfranchised populations. It is certainly a ‘memory’ you don’t want to miss… pun intended.

© 2023 Darren Cordeiro

Photo credits: Matthew Murphy, Murphymade