2023 DOXA Documentary Film Festival

WHEN & WHERE May 4 - 14, 2023 | VIFF Centre, The Cinematheque & SFU Goldcorp Centre + online

Big Fight in Little Chinatown

Canada/USA, 2022, Director Karen Cho, 88 minutes

In English and Cantonese with English subtitles

Chinese-Canadian director Karen Cho’s informative documentary Big Fight in Little Chinatown opens this year’s DOXA, Vancouver's documentary festival. Cho, who was born in DOXA, Vancouver's documentary festival focuses her lens on four cities with essentially similar problems: Vancouver, Toronto, New York City and her home base Montreal. Full review


USA, 2021, Director Rebecca Huntt, 79 minutes

Rebecca Huntt, who makes the cover of this year’s DOXA Program Guide, is a proud born and bred New Yorker. When her nickname is the title of her first feature documentary, it doesn’t leave much doubt that it’s an autobiographical work. Except that Huntt goes deeper than what is typical for a cinematic memoire. The thirty-two year old Afro-Latina film-maker takes no prisoners in a brutally honest portrait of not only herself, but her entire family. Full review

La Singla

Spain/Germany, 2022, Director Paloma Zapata, 95 minutes

In Spanish and German with English subtitles

Originally titled En busca de La Singla (In search of La Singla), Paloma Zapata’s fascinating hybrid documentary features the renowned flamenco dancer Antoñita Singla, who came to be known as simply La Singla. Much of the film includes archival black and white film footage of when Singla started dancing as a child in the Barcelona Romani neighbourhood of Somorrostro. Full review


We Will Not Fade Away

Ukraine/Poland/France, 2023, Director Alisa Kovalenko, 100 minutes

In Ukrainian with English subtitles

Ukrainian award-winning documentary filmmaker Alisa Kovalenko takes a cynical, yet a simultaneously hopeful look at life in the conflict-ridden Donbas region of Ukraine in her new documentary We Will Not Fade Away. Full review


Má Sài Gòn (Mother Saigon)

Canada, 2023, Director Khoa Lê , 100 minutes

In Vietnamese with English subtitles

Paris of the Orient and Uncle Ho Chi Minh are nicknames afforded to Ho Chi Minh City, but apparently many of its ten million residents still affectionately call it Mother Saigon. Full review



Columbia/Romania/France/Germany, 2023, Director Theo Montoya, 75 minutes

In Spanish with English subtitles

The curious title comes from the Instagram moniker of Camilo Najar, the director’s anti-hero in his film within a film – a film that was never completed. Colombian director Theo Montoya has to rethink his film-making strategy when his intended protagonist suddenly dies of a heroin overdose. Full review


Manufacturing the Threat

Canada, 2023, Director Amy Miller, 85 minutes

In English and French with English subtitles

Manufacturing the Threat is Amy Miller’s engaging exposé into the RCMP’s handling of the so-called Project Souvenir and other such clandestine operations that involve targeting individuals and gathering evidence through suspect methods. Full review



Canada, 2023, Directors Robert Mentov & Karl Kai, 20 minutes

In Ukrainian with English subtitles

There are a number of films making it into the DOXA Film Festival this year that centre on the ongoing invasion of Russia into Ukraine. Troika (Russian word meaning threesome) is a short film that is part of an assemblage of seven films.....Full review



Philippines, 2022, Director Karl Malakunas, 94 minutes

In Tagalog and English with English subtitles

Karl Malakunas’ eco-documentary Delikado certainly doesn’t pull any punches as it looks for both heroes and villains in Palawan’s, an archipelagic province in the Philippines, war on illegal logging and fishing. El Nido Mayor Nieves Rosento and local lawyer Bobby Chan and his squad of para-enforcers who go about confiscating chainsaws are very much the heroes. Full review

Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group
Scream VI

USA, 2023, Directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett, 122 minutes

Release Date March 10, 2023

Reviewer John Jane

Neve Campbell as primary protagonist Sidney Prescott has not returned for this sixth installment, but the good news is that Jenna Ortega, recently seen as Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix series, delivers a nuanced performance as Tara Carpenter. Courteney Cox is back again in more of a cameo role, reprising her character of investigative journalist Gale Weathers. Full review




Paramount Pictures
80 For Brady

USA, 2023, Dir. Kyle Marvin, 98 minutes

Sound Dolby Digital,, Aspect 1.85 : 1 widescreen

Reviewer John Jane

Kyle Marvin’s rambunctious sports comedy, however, is not about the durable Mr. Brady. Sure, it’s his name in the film’s title and does have a prominent cameo role, but he is really the subject of adoration of four gals older enough to know better. The four elderly women: Lou, Trish, Maura and Betty are played by Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field respectively......Full review


Vancouver International Film Festival
Triangle of Sadness

Sweden/UK/USA/France/Greece, 2022, Director: Ruben Östlund, 149 minutes

Date and Venue October 3 & 9, 2022 | Centre for Performing Arts

Swedish director Ruben Östlund’s latest satire will likely appeal to those people that it happily disparages; that is, the obscenely rich, the ridiculously entitled and followers of social media influencers. Full review

Vancouver International Film Festival
Bones of Crows

Canada, - director: Marie Clements, 2022, 127 mins

Date and Venue 29 September 2022, 6.30pm at the Centre for Performing Arts

In English and Cree with occasional English subtitles

Vancouver-born Indigenous director Marie Clements’ beautifully made, though at times disturbing, film follows the fictional story of Aline Spears, a Cree woman growing up in the Canadian Prairies, in the backdrop of the Indian Residential Schools system. Full review