Discover Dance Series
All Bodies Dance Project

When and Where March 24, 2022 at noon | Scotia Dance Centre

Sanctuary (dance/film)
Choreographer/Dancers Harmanie Rose and Rianne Svelnis Videographer/Editor Martin Borden

Choreography/Performers Harmanie Rose and Peggy Leung Music Hauschka

Choreographer/Dancer romham padraig gallacher Dancer/Collaborator Rianne Svelnis Music The Sight Below, Fever Ray, Suzanne Ciani

Near/Far (dance/film)
Editing Gemma Crowe Concept and Direction Carolina Bergonzoni Music Sebastian Laskowski
Dancers/Contributors Vanessa B. Mendoza, Bee Andressen, romhampadraiggallacher, Janice Laurence, Marnie Maretic, Cheyenne Seary, Ashlee Davidson, Eileen Mackenzie, Aviva Martin, Alana Prochuk, Trina Frometa

The noon hour series, Discover Dance, at the Scotia Dance Centre hosted All Bodies Dance Project today. The Discover Dance Series is a wonderful opportunity for local dance groups to offer their talent to Vancouverites. All Bodies Dance Project is a group that is driven by a strong ethic to promote dance for everyone. Their mandate is to bring artists with and without disabilities into the world of dance. A world that can explore feelings and ideas through the movement of the body whether the body is using a wheelchair for mobility or not.

All Bodies Dance Project put on an ambitious and heartfelt program today with four pieces offered in the span of one hour. Sanctuary and Near/Far combine dance and film while Inflect and Trialitywere performed without the medium of film although Trialityhad a video backdrop which explained the title of the piece with visual enhancement which was quite clever. Incorporating film, video and music into the program added a multi layered experience for the audience. There is an overall sense of longing, coping, survival and tenacity threaded throughout the program that touches the audience. The grace Harmanie Rose and romham padraig gallacher brought to their performances was powerful to watch while the pairing with non-disabled dancers enabled a nuanced exploration of the physicality of dance.

Joy felt through movement in dance is universal and the activity itself adds to our well- being and allows exploration of feelings and ideas. The collaborative spirit of everyone involved in the program today allows All Bodies Dance Project to add a meaningful layer to the voice expressed through dance.

Reviewer Nancie Ottem