Lamondance Company
A Winter’s Twist

When & Where December 17 & 18, 2021, 7:30pm | BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts, North Vancouver

Artistic Director Davi Rodrigues Set Design Ravi Rodriques Costume Design Racheal Prince and Ravi Rodriques Light Design Brad Trenaman

Music Brandon Alley (original score), Rene Dupere, Mikael Karlsson, Alan Watts, Only Men Aloud!, Patrick Doyle and Jean-Francois Cote, Pato Fu and Ennio Morricone.

Reviewer Nancie Ottem

Lamondance departed from the structure of previous productions with A Winter’s Twist. For example, Marbled in 2018 and Viva in 2019 offered separate dance pieces centered on a theme within the framework of an evening. With A Winter’s Twist, Rodriques has created a Christmas story that unfolds over the course of the two act production. Full review


The Dance Centre: Discover Dance! Series

V’ni Dansi’s Louis Riel Métis Dancers

When & Where Thursday November 18 at 12 noon | Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie St.

Choreographers Ethan Colangelo, Josh Martin and Lisa Gelley Martin, Lesley Telford & Mehdi Walerski

Reviewer Christian Steckler

The four dancers: Yvonne, Jeanette, Edward, and Evan repeatedly surprised the audience. With their fancy footwork exhibiting exceptional coordination and imaginative variations, confounded with speed and complication. Full review



Ballet BC

When & Where November 4, 5, & 6, 2021 at 8pm | Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Program Stadium, Lean-to, After We Glow & Garden

Choreographers Ethan Colangelo, Josh Martin and Lisa Gelley Martin, Lesley Telford & Mehdi Walerski

Reviewer Michael Pink

Ballet BC performed 4 ambitious pieces. The first performance was Stadium, featuring seven talented dancers and choreographed by Ethan Colangelo who was born in Toronto. The dancers moved in unison in a series of attractive dance steps. Full review



Jessica Jone - Artistic Director,
Lorita Leung Dance Company


An Interview with Jessica Jone, Artistic Director at Lorita Leung Dance Company

Reviewer Ross Michael Pink

R M Pink: How would you describe your early dance training?

Jessica: I began my training at the age of 4 under the tutelage of my mother, Lorita Leung. She started her dance academy in the basement of our family home, and I have early memories of sneaking downstairs when I was very young and watching her teach her students.

The Full Interview



Dancing on the Edge
Festival Of Contemporary Dance 2021
Two | Wen Wei Dance

WHEN & WHERE July 9 & July 11, 2021 at 7pm | Firehall Arts Centre (Theatre)

Choreographer, Creator & Director Wen Wei Wang Performers Justin Calvadores, Calder White Music Stefan Nazarevich Cinematographer Daria Mikhaylyuk

Reviewer Michael Pink

The opening featured a video with the lead dancers, Calvadores and White in various dance movements on a beach and in a forest. The sky was always cloudy and the music somewhat muted and even sad. This set the tone for an emotional dance experience that calls upon the audience to reflect on the theme presented of human connection which is increasingly lost in the impersonal social media age. It was effective. Full review



Small Stage in association with Tourism Vancouver
Love Vancouver Dance Bubbles

Reviewer Ross Michael Pink

When and Where June 20, 2021 at the Wall Center and June 23, 2021 at the Bentall Centre

Well known Vancouver dancer Chengxin Wei, formerly with Ballet BC and the founder/choreographer of Moving Dragon performed on June 20th at the Wall Center and June 23 at the Bentall Centre outdoor plaza. Full review