Ballet BC

When & Where November 3,4 & 5, 2022 at 8pm | Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Reviewer Michael Pink

The opening Ballet BC performance of the season featured provocative and highly original works by Choreographer Sharon Eyal, co-created by GaiBehar with Bedroom Folk; Silent Tides, choreographed by Ballet BC Artistic Director Medhi Walerski; and Heart Drive, Choreographed by Imre van Opstal and Marne van Opstal.

Bedroom Folk featured an industrial- typemusic score by Ori Lichtikand hypnotic dancing by the energetic dance corps who exhibited high energy during the long piece. The timing was precise with hundreds of motions contained in the choreography.

Silent Tides is a slower, mellower piece featuring the fine movement, in the November 4th performance, of dancers Emily Chessa and Patrick Kilbane. The attractive music composition is by Adrien Cronet. The dancers have good symmetry and energy together.

The third performance of the evening, Heart Drive, a co-production between Ballet BC and Saarinen Company, featured eight dancers. The dancers showcased highly evocative dancing with suggestive overtones. The music score, by Amos Ben-Tal, shifted from industrial to more subdued tones.

The Ballet BC received dancers, noted for evocative performance, received strong applause from the full house in attendance.

© 2022 Michael Pink