The Cultch
Little Red Warrior and his Lawyer by Kevin Loring

When & Where March 3-5, 8-12 , 2022 at 7.30pm; March 6, 12 & 13 at 2pm | York Theatre, 639 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Director Kevin Loring Assistant Director Tai Amy Grauman Set and Props Design John Doucet Lighting Design Jeff Harrison Costume Design Samantha McCue
Sound Design Troy Slocum Stage Manager Angela Beaulieu
Performers Sam Bob, Gordon Patrick White, Shekhar Paleja, Luisa Jojic, Kevin McNulty & Nick Miami Benz

Reviewer Jason Martin

Red Warrior & His Lawyer is a wickedly funny must-see this month!

Satirical farce meets spicy rom-com in Kevin Loring’s irreverent and provocative play Little Red Warrior & His Lawyer, which tells the story of Little Red, the last remaining member of his tribe, who discovers that a land development firm has violated his traditional territory. After attacking one of their engineers, he is arrested and assigned a court-appointed lawyer, Larry – who convinces his wife, Desdemona, to allow Little Red to move into their basement while they sort out his case. But when you invite a coyote into your coop, he might just walk away with all the chickens.

The trickster land claim fable now playing at the CULTCH’s York Theatre March 3 to 13 is a refreshing and cheeky take on the big challenging, nationally-significant issues of power, privilege and Indigenous land rights.

Sam Bob as Little Red begins with a twinkle in his eyes, quickly winning over the East Van audience with his comic timing and plucky performance. Shekhar Paleja as Larry is the perfect straight man, offering effortless set-ups to Bob’s jocular clap backs. Luisa Jojic as Desdemona, the tightly-wound high-powered lawyer and wife to Larry, is pure delight, as we watch her character unravel into sensuous abandon. Kevin McNulty brings a touch of grace and ample grit to his role as down-and-out-narrator Floyd, while jumping in to play other auxiliary characters from a high-rolling developer to a supreme court judge. And last and certainly not least, Nick Miami nearly steals the show, as the campy, over-the-top, closer, Lizzy–I’ll say no more, or dare I spoil it for you.

Kevin Loring's new play is a wickedly funny must-see this month, turning big issues into big laughs, and leaving you with big things to think about by its final curtain call.

© 2022 Jason Martin